Resale Information

It is the seller's responsibility in the State of Texas to order a resale package when selling their property. The resale package will contain the POA Documents and show clear title to the property including any unpaid POA Maintenance Fees.

Resale packages can be ordered from the FirstService Residential Resale Documents webpage. In the box under "Dallas and Houston Customers" enter "76692" for the zip code. This is the zip code for White Bluff. Follow the instructions to order your resale package.

The cost of the resale package is $295 for 6-10 day delivery, $350 for 3-5 day delivery, and $425 for 1-2 day delivery. In addition, there is a transfer fee of $150 to transfer the POA account to the new owner, due to FirstService Residential at closing.

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Water & Sewer

Contact Double Diamond Utilities at 254-694-6484 for issues related to Water & Sewer.

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