Walkinshaw, et al v
Double-Diamond-Delaware, et al


A hearing was held in Dallas District Court on Wednesday, February 6th. The POA was requesting the release of POA maintenance fees being held in the Court Registry. Our position was that these fees should be released, as they were reflective of fees that were not used on amenities we did not own. Walkinshaw plaintiffs' attorney argued that the fees should be held in the registry as security for the plaintiffs. Judge Slaughter ruled in favor of the POA and ordered that $393,164 be released to our association.


Marty Rose, Counsel for the plaintiffs in the case, refused to sign the settlement agreement. The Board expressed willingness to meeting with Mr. Rose through the Board's legal counsel regarding the agreement if he is willing to meet. However, The Board has not received a reply from Mr. Rose.


The Board is pleased to announce that we ratified a settlement agreement in Open Session this afternoon which will result in the Walkinshaw plaintiffs (Dallas Litigation) dismissing the POA and former Board members, Milt Bergman, George Collins, Larry Groppel, and Clark Willingham, from the lawsuit. The agreement stipulates that the provisions of the settlement must remain confidential. We can tell you that there will be no monetary payment from the POA to the plaintiffs and that the POA remained steadfast in its position that we had an obligation to maintain the golf courses under the Use & Maintenance Agreement, and the extension thereof, between Double Diamond and the POA. This settlement eliminates substantial, on-going legal expenses associated with the Walkinshaw case that have totaled almost $2,000,000 to date. This is one more step toward bringing stability to our White Bluff community and making White Bluff great again.


Currently, attorneys for Double Diamond and attorneys for the WBPOA are preparing pleadings to go back before Judge Slaughter and ask for a new ruling. These pleadings will probably be presented in February. It is unknown when Judge Slaughter will give a final ruling on the case.

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