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Water & Sewage

White Bluff POA does not administer water or sewage services. These services are administered by Midway Water Utilities, Inc., a subsididary of SouthWest Water Company.

For assistance, please contact them at +1 (866) 654-SWWC (7992).

To reach a 24/7 dispatch department for after-hours service emergencies, dial the same number and select option #1 in the automated phone tree. Alternately, call +1 (817) 829-4846.

Next Meeting

Date May 20th, 2023
Time 10:00 am
Place New Course Pavilion
Announcement & Agenda
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State of the White Bluff VFD

Thumbnail image of a document, the April 2022 State of the White Bluff VFD

Hill County Emergency Alerts