White Bluff Rate Payers

Currently Double Diamond Utilities is applying for a nearly 40% rate increase in both water and sewer rates for White Bluff with the Texas PUC. The White Bluff Rate Payers (WBRP) is contesting this increase as unnecessary since there has been no discernible expenditure to improve infrastructure.  

This effort does come without expense that in the past has always been paid for by the Rate Payers. We were very successful in the last campaign in 2010 and fully expect to be again this time.

The WBPOA has been gracious enough to match dollar for dollar the direct donations of the Rate Payers up to $25,000 and more for 2017. The WBPOA has also renewed that commitment for 2018. Our current donations average $100 and if you are a Rate Payer you have already saved that much through our efforts in postponing the implementation of the rate increase. Your savings will continue through February or perhaps March of 2018. By then we hope to have this case settled.  Please help us out by donating another $100 in 2018 or whatever you feel you can donate.

Note that donations to the White Bluff Rate Payers fund are NOT tax-deductible.

WBRP Committee Members

  • John Bass
  • Scott Shelton
  • Marshall Snyder (Treasurer)


Help Support WBRP

As of January 1, 2018, the WBRP is asking all property owners to donate another $100 to the fund. Any and all donation amounts are welcome, though, whether they are more than $100 or less than $100.

In Person

Make your check payable to "White Bluff Rate Payers" or "WBRP" and drop it off at the POA Office located at 5528 FM 933, just south of White Bluff.

Snail Mail

Make your check payable to "White Bluff Rate Payers" or "WBRP" and mail it to

White Bluff Rate Payers
P.O. Box 37
Whitney, TX 76692


Use your Credit Card or your PayPal account to donate online. Clicking on the Donate button below will take you to the PayPal website where you can pay securely with your credit card even if you do not have a PayPal account.

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Contact the POA

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Phone 254-694-
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Location 20022 Misty Valley Circle
Snail Mail WBPOA
P.O. Box 37
Whitney, TX 76692

Water & Sewer

Contact Double Diamond Utilities at 254-694-6484 for issues related to Water & Sewer.

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